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Patience Prevails For Hungry Crew

It’s what we have all been waiting for, the ideal is now becoming a reality. Days of waiting has worn off. You’ve guessed it, we caught a fish. Correction, two fish.

Now, I’m not into fishing. In fact I have never been fishing on land and have no interest in doing so either. However, at sea there is nothing more exciting than catching a fish and it’s minimal effort. No sitting in the rain on the side of a bank in camo and pitching a tent, simply throw them off the back of the boat and forget about them until a fish is hooked.

When such an affair occurs, the atmosphere on board is something similar to watching the Wales Vs England rugby match in Cardiff. Those final minutes, crossing your fingers and toes, you heart is beating hard and everything comes down to those final moments. The whistle blows. The fish is in the net. We’ve done it. Two Mahi Mahi for dinner.

Fresh ingredients are becoming scarce and just over half way through merely potatoes, onions, various squashes and pumpkins are the only fresh veg still available. Don’t get me wrong the food has been pretty good this trip but speaking on behalf of all the crew, we were relieved to miss a night off beans and potatoes.

Anna, being a farmer's daughter had no qualms in preparing the fish and treated us to sashimi and ceviche. Can’t get any fresher than that.

Being superstitious sailors, we kept the fish tails and hang them over the back of the boat for good luck...Wouldn't want to upset the four Gods of the wind!

Of course being science driven, we decided to dissect the stomachs of both fish. Good news and no plastic was found in either fish. We had found the most part of a squid in the one stomach, tentacles still intact. It took some convincing but we succeeded in deterring Anna and Maggie from eating the squid which had already been digested by the fish.

I worry for the welfare of them as a story exposed how Maggie has been eating raw bacon since she joined the boat in August?!

More Fresh Bread Than Showers

I thought I had this sussed…Until on the big day of our halfway party the bread maker died. Sorrow and dread is the best way to describe this loss, especially as I had promised the crew fresh bread rolls for our veggie burgers.

Eeek, I was going to have to do it the old fashioned way. I cast my head back to being a child baking with my Mother. This didn't fill me with a huge amount of confidence as Mum was never renowned for her cooking , she once burnt boiled carrots - how is that even possible?

I was going to have to step it up a gear and so with a false confidence I began to knead the mixture. Time went by and I took a seat on the galley floor watching my rolls through the dark glass of the extremely temperamental oven. I am not a good housewife nor do I pretend to be... But that day I was and to my surprise it worked.

Mary Berry eat your heart out!

While talking of food, which happens to be one of the biggest deals onboard! Did you know there is such a thing as tinned bananas?! Probably not! Because I imagine there isn't a high demand for them because they are so unpopular! That’s what Winnie said and she's a scientist so it must be true. I take all of what she says as gospel!

So whatever you’re having for dinner, it's probably fresh and I’m definitely jealous.

Galley Antics

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