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Pacific Sailing with Conservation at the Forefront

Follow the crew who are adventuring to Hawaii on an epic sailing voyage across the Pacific, reconnecting individuals with the ocean to build a new generation of conservationists through exploration.

Living on the water in our little houseboat is mostly idyllic but never quite the same as the feeling of freedom on the open water. Something, which just a week ago seemed near impossible given the current global circumstances.

I believe that timing is everything. One phone call, on a late Friday night after a day of despair and frustration at my current direction, plans changed… So here I am in Mexico.

Lucky for me, I’ll spend the best part of 3 months confined with two of my favourite people, sailing across the Pacific Ocean visiting the tropical islands of Hawaii and Tahiti.

Ironically, the first leg consisting of nearly 3000nm crossing an ocean, isn’t half as daunting as the 3 flights and 26 hours it takes to get there. I was naive to think that the airports would be ‘safe’ and ‘distanced.’ Sharing my seat with a man that spilled over his side, wasn’t my understanding of COVID safe, nor was it comfortable. The mission to arrive without getting the dreaded virus, meant eating or drinking had suddenly become a dangerous task. Just like a snake, my hands shed a layer of skin from the copious volume of sanitiser they’d absorbed on the journey.

Not to mention arriving in the city Tijuana, earning its infamous title as

'The murder capital of the world'.

As I was happy to be chauffeured through the city enclosed to the safety of the car and at the time had thought to myself, "It looks even worse than one of the Ross Kemp Extreme World episodes."

Naive of course, to all of this until friends had passed on this information afterwards.

After 5 days of quarantine, which shamefully consisted of eating chocolate for breakfast in bed, barely getting dressed and utilising the apartment as a dance floor... Our departure is coming to a head.

We are scheduled to leave Ensenada on Wednesday 17th on board the 72ft steel, ocean going ‘Sea Dragon’ with Pangaea Exploration, heading straight for our first stop in Hawaii.

The mission to make changes to protect our marine environment by exploration, conservation and education.

I feel obliged to do my part in something I believe in and am grateful to have opportunities like this to share my experiences with you through my photos and words.


I'd love for you to follow our expedition, hear the latest escapades and share with you the amazing wildlife.

You can read the boats blogs which will be posted in the link below:

And you can also track the boat here:

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