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No more sleeps....

Todays the day. So many people have been working their little butts off to make this amazing trip happen. I can’t quite believe were here and the amount of support and help we have had. I only got on the boat last week and the effort from everyone has made it all possible. Anna and Maggie (the skipper and first mate) have been working on the boat for about the last 6 months and honestly I don’t know how they do it but they just keep going!

So... what has it been like onboard the week before the big expedition around the world starts?

It’s a good job there’s a lot of women because there is a lot of multitasking! Engineers, electricians, deliveries after deliveries, cleaning, stowing, fixing, washing... I mean the list is endless. It‘s busy, but there‘s good energy. We have had early mornings and late nights. I’ll admit... I don’t think I took very much in from our 6am meeting this morning!

The walk to the marine office toilets is good time to yourself and quiet.

So, I have been provisioning the boat this week. 14 women and 10 days till the Azores... I’ve got plenty of chocolate! It‘s a vegetarian boat so lots of veg and beans. I will either love them or dislike them even more after this.

I did the big bulk shopping of dry goods and a wholesale store and got the fresh stuff from a lovely local company called ‘The Nearly Naked Veg’ run by Ben and his Dad, so it all just came in paper bags and cardboard crates.

Today we have lots of media on the boat before we leave, so please keep your eyes out for us and have a look at the website


I have not yet managed this week to break my camera out of it’s bag... So this is a bit of a rush. I’m writing while eating cereal at the table and will now escape off for 5 to call my Mum and Dad before I set off. And I promise you’ll be bombarded with photos of this leg once I get to the Azores 👍

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