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Why I decided to... 'DO SOMETHING'

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Why are these bananas wrapped in plastic??? Surely the skin is natural packaging...? If things like this annoy you too, please support my mission to make a change to the way we use and think about plastic. If your not bothered... let me change your mind on my new adventure with @exxpedition

Inspired by Juan Sánchez Cotán

The bigger picture

Plastic is a hot topic at the moment, and so it should be. I have been getting annoyed for too long now about the amount of unnecessary plastic we use each and every day. I have made changes in the way I shop, buying solid shampoos, soap and going to my local (who's not that local) to get my fresh fruit and veg.

But guess what...? I'm by no means perfect, sometimes I'm working late and pop into Tesco where it's virtually impossible to buy anything without plastic. I'm starving, having no time for lunch, so pick up something quick for me and the husband for dinner as it's already late, the dog needs a walk, the washing needs to go on and I'm not even sure I've got clean socks or knickers for the morning! Sound familiar?

I'm asking for your help to share this adventure with me through my photographs and inspire others to make a change in their communities so we can tackle plastic pollution.

At the time, I was working in a commercial photography studio with known retail brands. I felt as though I was just another cog in the system... Someone helping big companies advertise to consumers stuff that we don't need, behind a company that environmental issues are low on the list of priorities, products have a short life and often single use. The amount of plastic that passed though the studio was upsetting and I would go through the bins to make sure it all was recycled properly,

but I couldn't help feeling guilty to being a part of it.

I decided to look for other opportunities where the work I was doing, could and would make a difference to something I was passionate about.

I had some people say to me, "well everyone needs to work, it's a job. Why don't you just shop differently?"

This didn't feel like enough for me. I wanted to be part of something more. Sometimes it doesn't matter about the money or the job title, sometimes you have to do what you want and it's the experience that is important.

This is when I was offered an opportunity to work with the girls at 'Exxpedition' sailing from Plymouth to Panama to research the plastic in the oceans and promote our research to raise awareness back to our communities.

I will be sharing with you my photographs and videos, cordially inviting you to the adventures on board, getting to know the crew and all our scientific research.

What you will see upcoming will be real, it will be personal and it won't hold back on the good, the bad or the ugly. I hope you will enjoy being a part of it and if you do please share with others so we can educate, make a change and slow down... Because my Dad always says

'Life is to be enjoyed'

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